Chewy Mooey 20g 'Snack Pack' Boxes - Single Flavour Jerky

Chewy Mooey - Chewy Mooey 20g 'Snack Pack' Boxes - Single Flavour

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Our 'Snack Pack' Boxes are for those who don't want to eat all their Chewy Mooey or Chewy Rooey at once! This box contains 15 x 20g snack sized packs of the Chewy flavour of your choice, perfect for on the go, school lunches or that post workout snack! (Please note this box contains your flavour of choice and is not a mixed pack)

We use only the highest quality products and source our vegetables locally where available. Premium Australian Beef or Kangaroo both of which are marinated for 12 hours in high quality soy and Worcestershire sauces infused with real Capsicum, Onion, Garlic, Chilli, before being low-temperature cured to perfection for your taste buds to be ultimately satisfied.  

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We have good quality control systems at Chewy Mooey, but we do offer a refund or exchange policy in case defective products or packaging do somehow slip through. Please email us at if you believe . We don't refund simply because you discover you don't like what you've bought. If you're not sure whether you'll like it and would like some samples before you buy, please email us at

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