You know the Moo, now try the Roo!

Posted by Janice Lim

Chewy Rooey Kangaroo Jerky

Not to be mistaken for Chewy Mooey, Chewy Rooey (I know, too cute) is our range of delicious Kangaroo jerky you simply must try. If you feel a bit iffy about giving it a go, here are some fun facts, well, facts anyway, about Roo that might change your mind!

Open Range
Open Range refers to animals that are not farmed and harvested in their own environment. Kangaroos have free range of the land in Australia and therefore are not exposed to human meddling such as antibiotics, growth hormones or added chemicals. Roo meat is probably one of the cleanest meats out there you could find.  

Extremely low in fat, Kangaroo meat has virtually no saturated fat. Its levels of protein and zinc are similar to those of other meats, but it has more iron, twice as much vitamin B12 and higher levels of most other B vitamins.

Chewy Mooey: 51.9% protein, 5.4% fat

Chewy Rooey: 50.8% protein, 2% fat

If we were to compare our 2 ranges (see above), you can probably tell which could make for more better guilt-free snacking! 

Kangaroos live in the wild and feed on grass and shrubs, because of that the texture of the meat is not as dry as other
meats, and is very lean. The taste is sort of like venison, but also has a great gamey taste that isn’t too overpowering.

Humane Harvesting
Kangaroos are harvested by being shot by skilled professional shooters. All commercial shooters must comply with the ‘National code of practice for the humane shooting of kangaroos and wallabies for commercial purposes’, which outlines an achievable minimum standard of humane conduct in regard to the shooting of kangaroos and wallabies. The code was developed after a long process of consultation involving industry, government, animal welfare groups, the scientific community and the public.

With Australia day coming up, there is no better time to display some Australian spirit and break out some Kangaroo jerky for your family and friends.

Chewy Mooey is having a special 10% off our Roo products until the end of January, order some online today!

Use the discount code: ROOEY at the checkout


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